Amanda Bynes Opts to Remove ‘Uncomfortable’ Breast Implants

Amanda Bynes is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The former child star, with a future that was once so very bright, is continuing her wave of bizarre decision making, this time opting for surgery to remove her breast implants.

Don’t get us wrong, we believe that a woman’s body is meant to remain as natural as possible, but in Amanda’s case the timing to undergo surgery is less than ideal considering her recent bouts with erratic behavior.

27-year-old Bynes, who was suspected of undergoing plastic surgery for breast implants back in the summer of 2008, is now regretting her decision to increase her bust size, telling “They were uncomfortable. I prefer them out.” In June of 2013 the actress underwent an operation to successfully remove the implants.

Amanda Bynes Opts to Remove Breast Implants

image source: twitter

Meanwhile, the actress has proceeded forward with yet another cosmetic procedure, A partial nose job to remove the “webbing” from the area of her nose, nearest the eyelids. We’ll follow up on this procedure once more details become available.

Lets break it down. Amanda Bynes was a very cute and talented child starlet, she blossomed into a into a beautiful young woman, then somewhere along her path, approximately in the last two years she developed a distorted self-image of herself. Prompted by drugs? The media? Personal relationships? It could be any number of things that turned her sour. But what’s done is done, and what she needs now is the love of her family, her true friends, and the Lord to help bring her back from the edge of a very dark path.

Stay tuned for more Amanda Bynes’ plastic surgery revelations. Something tells me she won’t stop until she has assumed a completely new identity. I hope I’m wrong.

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