Chyna Plastic Surgery Results: Facial Fillers or Fat Injections?

Remember Chyna? The former macho wrestling “IT” girl-turned naughty film actress. Well the smasher formerly known as Joan Marie Laurer has been out of the public eye for quite some time now. Presumably laying low in the shadows just waiting to pounce!

Its been so long since we’ve seen the black-haired beauty, we almost forgot what she looked like… or maybe its due to her recent makeover (under), which evidently evolved a few syringes worth of facial fillers or fat injections. Notice in the photo below how her face appears to be exceedingly bloated and rounded? This is often indicative of a non-surgical procedure such as injections. For example: Lil’ Kim and Morgan Fairchild had similar results.

Chyna Plastic Surgery Doll: Facial Fillers?


image source: WENN

Of course Chyna doll is all too familiar with cosmetic surgery. If you recall, over a decade ago during her wrestling days she opt for breast implants, which ultimately resulted in one of the implants rupturing during a match. Needless to say, she had the implants removed and replaced with a different size.

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