Has Hilary Duff Went Overboard With Lip Injections? See Her Latest Look

Remember cute child star-turned pop singer-turned big time film actress, Hilary Duff? She hasn’t been in the spotlight lately, but she is poised to make a comeback after taking some time off to tend to her new baby boy… but will her new ‘look’ be well-received by her adoring fans?


Last week Hilary Duff was spotted in Beverly Hills, California looking a bit different than how we’re accustomed to seeing the starlet. Yes, it would appear that Ms. Duff has opted for some type of lip enhancement procedure, most likely lip injections. (As you may recall, back in 2010 Ms. Duff was also rumored to have gotten breast implants.)

Lip augmentations, whether it be lip implants or more commonly injections such as: collagen, restylane, etc, is all the rave in show business nowadays. Not a week goes by where there isn’t at least one famous face that hasn’t been altered in someway, shape or form.

I often wonder what the future has in store for show business and cosmetic surgery? In 30 years from now, will leading men and women appear as futuristic beings, with faces pulled tighter than drums. Will the ampleness of a woman’s lips increase to that of a fully inflated air mattress?

All kidding aside, are you concerned with the direction that popular culture is heading? Are the ‘celebrities’ that so many people love and admire becoming a culture of vanity-stricken wannabe imposters? Or is the way show business has always operated?

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