Hayden Panettiere Before After

Hayden Panettiere Before And After Breast Implants? Boob Job Rumor!

Hayden Panettiere was recently photographed frolicking in a bikini on the beach while vacationing. And while that sounds like enough to make a headline in our modern society, it was Ms. Panettiere’s enhanced figure that was sounding off whistles around the internet.

Did Hayden Panettiere get breast implants? Well, that’s the question that everyone seems to be asking lately. The before and after pics seen below give a few indications that point to yes.

The overall size of Panettiere’s breasts appear to be substantially larger now than the last time she was spotted in a swim suit. You may also notice a bit of rippling which is a common complication associated with breast implants surgery.

Hayden Panettiere Before And After Breast Implants?

Hayden Panettiere Breast Implants

Hayden Panettiere Before After

One thought on “Hayden Panettiere Before And After Breast Implants? Boob Job Rumor!

  1. I think it’s quite obvious that she has. Alot of times it can be hard to tell-what with all they can do today with some chicken cutlets and the right clothes.But this is clearly not just a case of a push-up bikini top. That’s not only a breast augmentation, but not a good one at that. See how in between her breasts there’s that concave area? That’s a dead giveaway of breast implants. And like the article says, you can see rippling, & it appears to me that she may have gotten implants over the muscle, which in her case wasn’t the right choice, as the skin looks too stretched and thin.

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