Taylor Swift Officially Has Breast Implants: Shows Cleavage At Awards Show

Taylor Swift officially has breast implants!…well, maybe. The 23-year-old award-winning singer-songwriter sent the rumor mill into overdrive after she donned an exceedingly low-cut dress at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards, showcasing a wealth of cleavage like we’ve never seen before.

It was in May of 2012 when we first reported seeing evidence of Ms. Swift’s alleged breast augmentation surgery. Back then we showcased a pair of convincing before and after photos that displayed two very different bust sizes. However, it wasn’t until last week’s Award Show when Taylor fully unleashed her new friends to the world.


It wasn’t until Taylor Swift wore that ultra revealing, plunging white dress that (all but) officially confirmed her presumed breast enhancement procedure. In Touch Weekly is also drawing attention to what appears to be a small scar on the inner portion of Swift’s right breast. See below.


As you can see in the photo listed above, it would appear that Ms. Swift has added a cup size to her usually slender hard-body physique.

Share with us your thoughts about Taylor Swift and the rumors of her breast enhancement surgery. If Taylor comes clean and confirms that she opted for surgery, would this change how you view her as an artist, person, or role model? Let us know in the comments!

One thought on “Taylor Swift Officially Has Breast Implants: Shows Cleavage At Awards Show

  1. damn girl why did you have to go and fallow the rest of the plastic people in hollywood i thought you were better then that oh well just another plastic bitch in hollywood i shouldnt be surprised

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